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Brad Polt-Jones 

Brad Polt-Jones Photography

ArtRoom Space #16

From his earliest days of his youth, Brad was drawn to the outdoors, and to photography. An avid backpacker, mountain biker and rock climber, his passions drew him at age 17 to Colorado, where he worked as a ski industry photographer at Crested Butte, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, and Telluride ski areas. He shot and produced early video projects for Tracker Skis, and the Crested Butte Nordic Ski School. Brad graduated magna sum laude from University of Colorado Denver with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree. He holds a Master of Fine Art degree from Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California.

Brad has been teaching photography and digital imaging professionally for over 24 years. He founded the Future Light Digital studio/classroom in 2003 with an emphasis on hands-on learning, small group classes, and making digital photography understandable and exciting. Concurrently, he taught graphic design and digital photography at City College of San Francisco, where he continues on the faculty remotely.

Forever committed to his field and engaged in the community, Brad has served on a number of professional organizations and committees in the field of photography and digital imaging. He is a Nikon Professional Photographer, an Adobe Community Professional, and a beta tester for Photoshop and Lightroom. He also serves on the Durango Creative Economy Commission.

At the Art Room, Brad is showing works from three series. The landscape series focuses on Southwest sites and cultural history. The studio series features still life tableaus referencing the Western culture of the Durango area. In his digital imaging series, Brad creates complex composites using a mix of AI-generated images, photographic elements and illustration.

Brad Polt-Jones Photography offers photographic services, professional printing, digital photography training, and consulting on topics such as digital asset management. Contact Brad to schedule your consultation.

Brad Polt-Jones Photography

(970) 799-5976

Instagram: @bradpoltjones

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