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Cindy Miller Atchison

Cindy Miller Atchison | Art

ArtRoom Space #17


The mission of my artwork is to celebrate the beauty and joy of what sustains us. The influence of our beautiful Southwestern landscapes, abstract celebrations of color, jubilant pets, and vibrant, local food are all my inspiration.


As a graphic design major and fine arts minor from the University of Cincinnati, fine art has become a
colorful focus to complement more than 25 fulfilling years in the graphic design business. As I explore the joys of brushing paint on canvas, I am always delighted to experience where the creative process leads.

For years, I have loved working, dancing, and meeting friends at Durango’s Smiley Building. I’m grateful that this community hub is now my home for creative
growth and exploration.


Through my art, I gain an appreciation for life’s ordinary
events that are nothing short of extraordinary — the sights, textures, and colors of everyday miracles that surround us.


Explore growth through art.

Cindy Atchison

Cindy Miller Atchison | Art




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