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Heather Freeman

Heather Freeman Contemporary Art

ArtRoom Space #3


Make Every Day Your Happiest Day
Colorful fine art paintings for the happy home.

How It All Started
Heather started selling her paintings in a 10 x 12 studio in the Smiley, the same building she often visited to find solace during her day. Interacting one on one with art-goers, she’s been able to build first-hand knowledge on what sort of artwork people are looking to purchase that could bring more joy into their home and lifestyle. 

Living Life to the Fullest to Bring Untethered Joy to Life 
In talking with customers, Heather learned that people often felt overwhelmed by Art so she set out to create work that aims to bring people joy. Merging her passion for painting and empowerment with a spirit of living life to the fullest, Heather’s paintings aim to create an uplifting experience, inviting everyone to enjoy a dream chasing lifestyle by offering a reminder of what is possible.



Instagram: @heatherfreemanartist

Receive a free print, visit Heather's online gallery here


This Big Life - Heather Freeman Contemporary Art
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