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Hannah Wilson

Hannah Wilson Art Studio

ArtRoom Space #18


Hannah paints acrylic landscapes of the four corners area of the US. Her style is colorful, impressionistic, layered and whimsical. Hannah also creates paintings on top of USGS topographic maps. Hannah’s map paintings correspond to the landscape on the map, adding extra layers of texture, depth and detail. 


Hannah has been making art since I was a kid. She went on to study landscape architecture in college and fell in love with the simplicity, depth and comfort of painting landscapes - a new way to get to know and understand a place. After moving to Durango, her inspiration for paintings outdoors grew.  


“I am in love with and moved by the Colorado Plateau & the four corners area of the US. I feel alive when I explore untouched wilderness and when I have a paintbrush in my hand & my brain is in full-on creation mode.”


Hannah also offers live wedding and event paintings to Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and beyond. You can also find Hannah’s work at the Durango and Telluride farmers markets in the summer, Fern and Skye Gallery in Denver, and at the 9318 Collective Gallery in Silverton, CO. 


You can find more of hannah’s work on her website at: 


If you are interested in more of her work, looking for a muralist, or booking her for a wedding painting or commission, She’d love to take your vision and recreate it into a meaningful piece of art. 

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