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Joe Schafer

Joe Schafer Studio

ArtRoom Space #11

Joe Schafer's contemplative works evoke a feeling of awakening and exploration, as well as the feeling of expansion and possibility that comes with opening our eyes to a broader perspective. His interpretations of wild landscapes draw from the elegance and beauty that he sees all around him in his own backyard of Southwest Colorado and throughout the Colorado Plateau, the Rocky Mountains and the High Deserts the Southwest. 


Whether summoning the drama of a rugged mountain ridge, conjuring the vastness of an endless desert horizon or unveiling the magic of a glowing sky, Joe builds layer upon layer, etching slivers of light and shadow throughout color and texture to infuse an element of realism into his abstract, contemporary treatments. The result invites the viewer to feel a sense of connection to place and time in these spaces, as well as step into their own experience, exploration and interpretation of his serene and impactful paintings. 



Painting on sheet metal allows for lots of experimentation because it can be scraped, sanded, and left to rust in the weather. Joe uses stains, dyes, and both water- and solvent-based paints to build colors and textures. Painting outside in the elements also gives the pieces unique qualities as the materials react to heat and cold, snow and rain. Integrating local sand and clay from the Four Corners Area and Lake Powell adds authenticity, texture and interest to his art.

Joe’s artwork is inspired by what is authentic and grounded in the natural world, and what is true and possible within all of us. 



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